State of Nebraska Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision (SSAS) Officer--(Adult-Omaha) in Omaha, Nebraska

Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision (SSAS) Officer--(Adult-Omaha)


$4,005.11 Monthly


Omaha, NE

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Probation Administration

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4/30/2018 11:59 PM Central

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This professional position is primarily responsible for the supervision of the high-risk felony drug client under the authority of the Nebraska State Probation System or the Nebraska Parole System.

Examples of Work

The SSAS officer shall develop programming for the high-risk client and be responsible for the day-to-day activities of these clients in the community. SSAS officers shall communicate with providers and stakeholders within the community. Due to the nature of the work, this position requires flexible scheduling and non-traditional working hours. This position has the same statutory authority and responsibilities as a traditional and Community-Based Intervention senior probation officer in addition to the following responsibilities. Responsibilities to include supervision of high-risk felony drug clients from both the Probation and Parole systems; develop a team supervision approach with the SSAS client's referral source; facilitate groups which may include, but not be limited to, cognitive restructuring, cognitive skill building, life skills enhancement, and general education of clients; participate in the treatment process of the clients which may include, but not be limited to, attend treatment groups and communicating with providers under the guidelines of the Standardized Model; ability to match the SSAS client's needs to the appropriate treatment modality or service; establish an appropriate case plan which will incorporate stages of change and criminogenic factors; develop a day and evening reporting center within the community and incorporate community providers into the programming being conducted in this center; participate in specialized training that addresses supervising specialized clients; create a comprehensive network of community-wide resources; visit programs and engage providers; involve the client in the early stages of behavioral changes through targeted treatment.

Qualifications / Requirements

REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a Bachelor's degree in the social sciences, criminal justice, or related fields with at least three years of experience providing case management and/or completion of investigations in a community corrections based program or agency. Meets the basic requirements as a probation officer.

PREFERRED: The ability to speak Spanish is desired but not required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Skills and abilities include being able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the Standardized Model, cognitive skill building, relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, and social learning theory, and other appropriate specialized skills; demonstrating skills and abilities in establishing, promoting, and maintaining positive working relationships with the court system, other criminal justice agencies, local or regional stakeholders, and treatment providers; being able to demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills and demonstrate the ability to interpret data.